Cultural Events

The Cultural Events co-chairs arrange Asia-related cultural events of interest for the membership, e.g. curator or docent-led tours of museum exhibitions, visits to private collections, tours of embassies, or demonstrations of arts such as calligraphy, dance, or ikebana. Most cultural events are held in the Washington D.C. area, but visits to special exhibitions in other cities may be scheduled.

Cultural Events for 2020-2021 (all events were on Zoom)

A talk by Frank Feltens on The Japanese Tea Ceremony

A presentation on Chinese Snuff Bottles by Berthe and Tom Ford

Dr. Rohit Ranijitkar, Programme Director, Kathmandu Valley Preservation presentation on the preservation of important structures in Kathmandu

A presentation from the Ackland Museum of Art at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Clouds in Asian Art

Nathalie Johnston, Director Myanm/art – Art in Myanmar

Emma Stein – Spectacular Temple Cities of South and Southeast Asia

Stephen Huyler – Sonabei’s Creative Solution to Oppression

Fashioning Beauty: A Look at Worcester Art Museum’s Two Kimono Exhibitions

Ariana Maki – There is Always Something to Celebrate in Bhutan