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The Asian American Forum (AAF) was founded in 1967 to promote intercultural relationships and to deepen understanding of the changing role of Asia in the world.  It is a non-profit organization whose members were born in, have lived in, worked in and/or traveled extensively in Asian countries and who have demonstrated an active and abiding interest in the affairs and cultures of Asian countries. The membership is drawn from among current and retired associates of diplomatic and governmental services, international institutions, research and educational organizations, and individuals such as academics, artists, musicians, writers and business people.

Because the Asian American Forum is organized and managed completely by volunteers, all members are encourage to be actively involved in the Forum’s programs and activities.

The Forum holds a regular monthly meeting, from September through May, with a distinguished invited speaker on topics including politics, economics, history and culture.  Small groups meet monthly for discussions of books, films and cross-cultural topics, and to attend cultural events in the DC area.  The AAF newslsetter is published eight times per year.

The Asian Asian American Forum celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2017.