Inside the Forum

Members of the Asian-American Forum are a distinguished group specializing in many different aspects of Asian art, diplomacy, economics, and politics.  Many have lived and served in Asian countries.  We convene once a month to hear speakers on various subjects relating to Asia.  Out of a desire to avoid preaching to ourselves, we have a rule that the monthly speakers must come from outside our own membership.

But some years ago, we realized that it was unfortunate not to be able to hear from each other about our many experiences.  So, Inside the Forum was created.   This group typically meets once during the academic year, with a potluck and a speaker from the AAF membership.  The opportunity to discuss the lecture topic over dinner following the presentation is a marvelous chance for the members to connect with the speaker, the subject matter and each other.

Recent programs:

Bruce Reynolds, Economics Professor emeritus of the University of Virginia, spoke on China’s economic development and the “exchange rate controversy”.

Sylvia Lu took us inside her experience as the curator of the first exhibition of Burmese art to come to the United States in the modern era.  The exhibition took place at the Asia Society in New York, but Sylvia’s slides took us to Burma where the pieces to be exhibited were selected one by one.